Saturday, 30 October 2010

Film Industry: The end of MGM as we know it?

The famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio has been looking for a way out of their financial problems for a while now.
This is MGM Wikipedia entry.

In 2005, MGM was acquired by Sony and other investors.

Back in March 2010, it looked like Time Warner might take over:
Time Warner leads pack in race for MGM (The Sunday Times)

A few days ago, it looked like Lions Gate would be the successful in a merger with MGM:
"The details of Lions Gate's proposal were released just days before MGM creditors face a Friday deadline to vote on an alternative plan to merge with a unit of Spyglass Entertainment. The Spyglass deal would see MGM creditors, owed more than $4 billion, own more than a 95 percent stake in a company worth around half of that."

However, now Spyglass Entertainment is taking over the control of a bankrupt MGM:
"The studio said MGM creditors "overwhelmingly" approved what amounts to a prepackaged bankruptcy plan, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

The plan includes having Spyglass Entertainment co-founders Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum take over as co-chief executive officers, the Journal said.", full article here

James Bond fans now hope that production of the next film will resume...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Preparing for the Media Conference

The materials to look at before the conference have been made available and we've been asked to have a quick read ahead of the day in order to better understand the topics dealt with.
You can read them here. (You will also get a hard copy on Monday)

We have been asked to complete one short task in preparation for Julian McDougall's talk. It is to put together a pitch for a new TV Talent Show. We will bring it with us and hand it in on the day.
Here it is below:

Online media: Cleggmania and the Cowell Factor
Your task:
With a partner, or on your own:
• Brainstorm an idea for a completely new TV Talent show
• Give it a title
• Summarise it – in under 140 characters including spaces
• Be prepared to ‘pitch’ your task to the Judges Panel – and win the contract!
Title of show: ...

Number of characters: ...

Finally have a look at this video (or at least parts of it) featuring Tony Benn as he talks about this great principle - DEMOCRACY (Tony Benn discusses the history of democracy, how it has been undermined, and how it can be strengthened).

You need to understand that listening to the likes of Julian and Tony Benn is a real eye opener and treat!

Map - From Euston station to the Institute of Education:

All instructions are ON THE LETTER (see post below).

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Media Conference - AS and A2

Many of you simply must bring your EV7 and payment as soon as possible as it is making the booking process a nightmarish logistical problem.

The expectation is that you are all to attend.

If you have lost the letter, here is a copy of it below. If you have lost your EV7 form, please get one from reception.
I have already put a link to the outline of the day and the Conference details in a previous post here:

Please act promptly. I will need to phone home this week otherwise.
Thank you.