Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Post-Raoul Moat. What happened next?

Raoul Moat GTA story makes Daily Star look like idiots
Wednesday 21-Jul-2010
source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/
Read the article here:

Charlie Brooker's Guardian column:
Offensive Facebook groups such as Raoul Moat's are 10 a penny. Yet sympathy is in short supplyRaoul Moat group is idiotic on many levels – not least for calling him a 'legend'
Read the column here:

Saturday, 24 July 2010

EMI - especially for A2 students

Start researching record labels such as EMI. EMI's story is an interesting one.
You will find an excellent archive of recent goings on at EMI at the guardianonline.
Receny headlines include:
EMI defends Duran Duran remasters
EMI go into reverse
EMI boss resigns after three months
Terra Firma close to finding £105m to keep EMI
and so on...

An older article from The Telegraph online is also an eye opener:
EMI and Warner Music should simply bite the bullet and merge
It is the story that's been running for a decade and once again the "will they, won't they" talks between EMI and Warner Music have failed to reach a deal.

Read the full article here.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

How the internet really affected the election - Guardian.co.uk

A very interesting article, particularly for A2 students, since it is an interesting case study for your Critical Perspectives - Media in the Online Age unit
How the internet really affected the election

Adam Buxton - keep an eye out for him!

Adam Buxton knows a lot about the media and music. I keep an eye on his blog and I can only urge you to do the same! For example, did you know about the fabulous screen writing software Moviemaker? Do have a look; it's really funny.

Adam Buxton also hosts the regular BUG gigs where artists come to talk about making music videos among other things. Get some tickets and go see the next BUG show. Below is a link to the BFI website with a clip from BUG 17 where Buxton interviews some video directors about their "crowd sourcing" technique for their latest video.


You can also check out the BUG site's archives to see some unusual and low budget music videos.

Charlie Brooker

Yes, he is irreverent and might use too much foul language for your taste, but he does make a good point. You really should watch his series Screenwipe and particularly Newswipe (most of it can be found on YouTube), all good materials in preparation for A2 Critical perspectives. His take on reporting the news is already a classic. If you still haven't seen it, here it is, followed by today's column in the Guardian's Guide on how the media reported on Raoul Moat.

Ah! the future...

In today's Guide (The Guardian), you can see pictures from artist Alex Varanese's Alt1977 project; he imagines going back to the 70's with technology from 2010 and advertising it in the style of the 70's. More pictures here; look out for the supercomputer that sits on your lap, the Laptron 64!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Watch and Learn - A fantastic piece from a Film Student

Ok, I know I have already embedded this on the Induction blog, but we can all learn from this young man, even at A2 for the Video project. It starts with basics and goes on to cover more advanced techniques.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

BBC 6 Music is saved!

Once again, a victory for the people! Well, maybe not completely as the Asian network seems doomed...
After the announcement that BBC 6 Music was to be axed, many disgruntled listeners fought a hard campaign to save it. Cue in websites such as the 6 preservation society, blogs, Facebook pages like this one, Twitter, interviews with some of the radio station presenters on the news and support from major artists.

Read The Guardian article (guardian.co.uk) about "6 Music saved from closure" from 5 July.

BBC Trust says that 'the case has not been made' for digital station's closure – but no reprieve for Asian Network

Blog: is this a triumph for social media?
In pictures: who's who at 6 Music
In pictures: 6 Music protests

Adam Buxton, 6 Music presenter, also made a spoof video as part of the campaign, parodying David Bowie's song Changes, Changes (for 6 Music).

And here is the Channel 4 News announcing that the digital only radio station was saved after all. Do listen to the whole report; some key ideas to grasp.

A perfect case study for A2 Critical Perspectives!

Science of the Movies - One to watch!

I found myself watching an episode of Science of the Movies after reading Charlie Brooker's enthusiastic review. I wasn't disappointed!
Here's how the website describes what the series is about:

Science Channel invites you on a geektastic journey to the cinematic intersection of art and science in the all-new "Science of the Movies."
Appealing to the movie junkie in us all, the new series explores the remarkable - yet rarely celebrated - scientific world that exists behind the screen, spotlighting the visionary artists, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative technology and remarkable techniques responsible for creating unforgettable, edge-of-your-seat moments in blockbuster films.

And here's the episode guide. I'm recording the series in case anyone's interested.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Interesting videos from apple.com - featuring Coppola on using FCP for his latest film

Do look at their videos and articles; there is also a list of tutorials to help you with Final Cut.