Thursday, 15 July 2010

BBC 6 Music is saved!

Once again, a victory for the people! Well, maybe not completely as the Asian network seems doomed...
After the announcement that BBC 6 Music was to be axed, many disgruntled listeners fought a hard campaign to save it. Cue in websites such as the 6 preservation society, blogs, Facebook pages like this one, Twitter, interviews with some of the radio station presenters on the news and support from major artists.

Read The Guardian article ( about "6 Music saved from closure" from 5 July.

BBC Trust says that 'the case has not been made' for digital station's closure – but no reprieve for Asian Network

Blog: is this a triumph for social media?
In pictures: who's who at 6 Music
In pictures: 6 Music protests

Adam Buxton, 6 Music presenter, also made a spoof video as part of the campaign, parodying David Bowie's song Changes, Changes (for 6 Music).

And here is the Channel 4 News announcing that the digital only radio station was saved after all. Do listen to the whole report; some key ideas to grasp.

A perfect case study for A2 Critical Perspectives!

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