Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Audiences and moral panics... Simon Cowell as the evil one...

In the light of our discussion on audiences and those who argue that they are passive, weak and duped, it is easy to see how moral panics can be created. Believing in a susceptible audience being 'injected' implies that the audience is constantly in danger of being 'contaminated'. Therefore, juicy moral panics are created by the media such as this one:

Save our kids from The X Factor!
Phil Hilton worries that 'twisted' TV talent shows like The X Factor teach children to expect easy success, to cry at setbacks and to judge other people harshly. Is he right?

Of course, you might agree with the point made in this article but many will counter argue that this is just an over-reaction. Audiences are not THAT passive and are more discerning than what is being suggested. (Note the amount of emotive language in the article!)

What do you think?

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