Saturday, 25 December 2010

What we want from Hollywood in 2011

What we want from Hollywood in 2011
Another year, another avalanche of remakes, dodgy 3D conversions and incomprehensible M Night Shyamalan dialogue. Here's how the studios need to mend their ways:
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Some of the demands made:
1 Fewer sequels and remakes
2 Lay off the 3D
3 More berserk Batman casting rumours
4 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to be shorter, and actually make sense this time
5 Don't make The Social Network the start of a new trend
6 Stop employing M Night Shyamalan
7 Give us our vampires back
8 Pixar to stop being quite so unremittingly bleak
9 No new Nicholas Sparks movies
10 Jennifer Aniston to either make better films, or bad films less prolifically

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